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Akhra Ajinjal

Akhra’s works are mythological in theirs own way. Here it requires an explanation: works both haven’t familiar plots and there are no any references to mythology. On the other hand, as in his time wittily remarked Georges Bataille, «the absence of myth is also a myth». The artist create an authentic mythology in the works of his own. And there is no matter what is depicted in the paintings either his favorite still lifes and landscapes or almost abstract compositions. Anyway there is a unique world governed by the laws of harmony.

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An icon of Madonna and Child who have faces of Alina Kabaeva and Vladimir Putin. What about “The Descent of Santa Claus to the Bless Virgin and Jesus Christ”?. The artist, BRUNO, presented the latter at a Christmas Eve service in Milan Cathedral.

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by Mike Renard

Mike Renard is a true phantom. Perhaps, he is the only person to know his biography. The public just knows his sculptures made of bronze and gold. Metals become not simply malleable in his hands, but they come to life and speak.

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Eduard Belsky

He is an artist in his prime. Impetuous, humorous, clever, astir with creative energy. He is a person determined to seize every moment of life and to make the most of each. The subject of his body of work has been clearly delineated from the start: it’s elemental. His haven is the waves, the smell of the salty air, the gentle rocking of his ship, and the expanse of endless space stretching out toward the ever-distant horizon — all part of his language of metaphor and emotion.

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